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Whisper of the Tombs: Ancient Egyptian Fashion For Spring/Summer 2012

Get entranced by everything ancient Egyptian and the mysteries held within...

By Sinead Copley
Posted April 30, 2012

SineadWhen I think of Spring and Summer 2012 fashion, all I see is tall dusty pyramids, metallic fabrics snapping in the wind, and scarab beetles dancing in the sand...If you haven't guessed it yet, I'm completely entranced by everything ancient Egyptian, and the mysteries held within every tomb.

Before I get completely off track talking about my new obsession, I want to focus in on what got me started with my new ancient Egypt CRAZE in the first place. The painting you see below is of Astarte, the Egyptian Goddess of Warfare and Love. This particular painting is by Nicholas Kalmakoff, and it was painted in 1926. What I absolutely love about this particular painting is the art deco elements and the vibrant colors within her hair and in the wings.

With the Astarte painting's vibrant colors, Egyptian vibe, and art deco elements, I could not wait to put together an outfit. I KNEW I just had to wear my black wig, nothing screams the 1920s and Egypt more than a sharp black bob! I wore a blue and teal scarf loosely wrapped around my head in honor of the colors within the Griffin wings. I chose my blouse because it's a royal purple and has an organic shape within the velvet, which is similar to the pattern within Astarte's hair. I wore my black skinny jeans to help slowly start pulling my outfit together. I also knew that if I wore anything too loud on the bottom, it would take away attention from my next favorite piece...My gold cardigan! I wore my gold sequined cardigan lightly draped over my shoulders. The gold was inspired from the background of the painting,  and it seems to bring the painting together the same way my cardigan pulls my outfit together.  I incorporated a necklace I named, “Cleopatra,” and threw on black sunglasses, as it get's pretty sunny lounging around the pyramids all day!


Now you might be thinking, “well, how do I get this look”? First off, if you like the idea of a wig, I say go for it! If not, I recommend a slick pony tail, as it makes a strong and chic statement. Next, find a billowy blouse in a cool jewel tone, you can get inspiration for this from the colors painted on a tomb to the outer shell of a scarab beetle! Now, find a perfect pair of black skinny jeans or leggings. Find a statement necklace with sharp embellishments or a geometric design (Basically anything that resembles something you could imagine Cleopatra wearing). If a sequined jacket is too much, thats ok. Instead, find a metallic or gold cover-up to add some shine to the outfit. Throw in a traditional pair of gladiator sandals, or if you like a more glam look, get a pair of metallic heels similar to the pair I wore. And if you want to be as mysterious as the pyramids themselves, I recommend a dark pair of sunglasses to finish off the look.


This style post is by our Shoptopia industry insider, Sinead Copley. Read more articles by Sinead.


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