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The Top Fragrance Trends For Spring

Find out what scents are trending this season…

By Liz Mitchell
Posted April 19, 2012

PerfumeThis spring, the latest in fragrance takes us on an intoxicating sensory journey to exotic destinations and seaside locales. Dreamy, floral-infused scents and fresh, fruity aromas fill the air. A vibrant shock of color dominates packaging. We caught up with Steve DeMercado of Fragrance Resources to find out what this season’s top fragrance trends are all about. Here’s what we discovered.

Exotic Destinations

From the foreign names of fragrances to the exotic ingredients inside of them, this spring it’s all about the allure of the unknown. “An unexpected interplay of spices, fruits and aromatics create texture and dimension, while the sensual mystique of old world spices accentuate with the juicy tonality of pulpy fruits.” You can expect to see a luxurious palette of warmth inspired of noble woods too.

Vibrant Color

As in fashion and beauty, a burst of bright color is hot for spring. Think bold bottles and a dominant palette of neon fruits. “Discover magical beauty in the natural and marvelous of fantasy florals, or seek inspiration from untamed nature and the beauty of imperfection from flowering weeds, ash, clay and earth.”

Seaside Locales

Escape to the coast and inhale the scent of the sea. This season’s fragrances are evocative of the fluidity of the ocean blue and the wonder of what lies beneath. “Water is redefined to be sexy, and fragrances take inspiration from the closeness of intimacy with love and nature, body heat, sauna, steam, vapor and mist. Time honored white notes of flowers, woods and linen sun drenched lend subtle tones of warmth.”

Dreamy Romance

Step into a dreamy world of romance where classic floral themes take center stage. Magnolias, gardenias, roses, lilies and violets offer up an airy, breezy, dew-laden scent. “A new and fanciful freshness also brings sweet and tangy surprises enhanced with a luminous brightness.” Ultra sheer fragrances are juxtaposed with an undertone of warmth and softness.   

Mmm, we can almost smell the goodness from here! Which fragrance trend will you try for spring?


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