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Spring Home Maintenance

Seasonal maintenance check-ups keep your home in tip-top shape – and they’re pretty easy, too...

By Bryan Schatz
Posted April 11, 2012

Home RepairsThe arrival of spring’s shining sun is welcome respite after a long, dark winter. But as the warmth thaws away the remaining snow, it also reveals the state of your home: last year’s flower beds empty, gutters full of dead leaves, peeling paint. Luckily, it isn’t difficult to get your home back in shape.

C.J. Petersen’s Popular Mechanics book, When Duct Tape Just Isn’t Enough, tell us that home maintenance isn’t limited to big repairs. In fact, regular check-ups actually help prevent things from breaking in the first place, which is exactly the goal with post-winter maintenance.

Begin with your gutters. Make sure they’re free of debris and that the downspouts drain away from the foundation, otherwise you risk potentially serious damage. Likewise, all exterior concrete slabs should drain away from your home’s foundation. If any cracks are evident, fill them with silicone caulk. Any exposed wood – on railings, decks, doors, or the trim around windows, etc. – should be painted or treated before the sun can do further damage later on. Now it’s time to examine your yard. Low areas can become flooded during spring rains. Fill those areas with compacted soil to avoid crowds of pesky insects and to prevent water damage to your foundation.

There are some things you’ll need to go to the experts for. Have the flue of your chimney cleaned by a certified chimney sweep. If you suspect damage has been done to your roof such as cracked shingles, or something more obvious like leaks, get a certified roofer to inspect it. Your heating and cooling system should also be serviced at least annually.

The beauty of these steps is that they’ll require little more than a free weekend and a quick trip to the home maintenance store to renew your home to its natural splendor.


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