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Split Ends 911: How to Prevent, Treat and Hide Them

Expert hairstylist tips to keeping your ends looking their best...

By Liz Mitchell
Posted May 8, 2012

HairThere’s nothing more unattractive than when you’ve been desperately trying to grow your hair out for months, and are left with a mass of split ends. We know what causes them: Styling tools, chemical treatments, infrequent trims, and even brushing too rigorously, all play a part. To prevent, treat and successfully conceal your straw-like ends, we begged hairstylist Stacia Lance Gambrell of Lotus Salon in NYC to share her best tips. 


1. Get Regular, Professional Trims Every 6-8 Weeks: “Attempting to trim a little at home can result in excess damage because more than likely your scissors aren’t sharp or professional,” says Stacia.

2. Don’t Brush Wet Hair: “When hair is wet, it’s extremely fragile. The hair shaft stretches and weakens, and brushing causes it to snap and break.” Always use a wide tooth comb, advises Gambrell.

3. Don’t Overuse Heat Tools or Harsh Chemically-based Products: In other words, go easy on the flat iron, curling iron and hairdryer. If you color your hair, wait as long as possible between appointments. 


1. Use a Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner: Your ends are splitting due to physical and chemical stress to hair, which strips it of its natural oils, says Stacia. “To add back that lost moisture, try a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, and even use a leave-in conditioner or treatment.”

2. Rinse Hair in Cool Water: “Cool water closes and seals the cuticle,” notes Stacia, “and can also make hair appear shinier.”


1.  Wear Your Hair Curly: Create curls by amplifying natural waves and texture. If an iron is a must, avoid using it

on the ends of hair, says Gambrell.

2. Style Hair in a Bun or Braid: “And apply a leave-in treatment for extra moisture,” adds Stacia.

3. Use a Finishing Serum: “Serum will temporarily seal the ends, but the only way to prevent split ends from getting worst is to get a trim!” The longer you wait, the more breakage you’ll have, and the more length you’ll have to snip off, and the longer it will take to grow your hair out!








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