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Rainy Day Escape

One great way to dodge spring showers is to get yourself a good raincoat...

By Anne Riley-Katz
Posted April 25, 2012

RaincoatWe’ve all heard the old cliché: April showers bring May flowers. But inclement weather should not mean resigning yourself to camping gear or fashion foe poly-blend apparel.

Much like having a good watch, handbag and shoes, a good raincoat is a staple that no girl should be without. With that in mind, there are some important choices to make when picking your method of battling wet weather. A good raincoat should be stylish and functional, and while you want it to be on-trend fashion-wise, it’s an investment that should last a long time.

In the interest of said wardrobe longevity, look for choices that will stand the test of time. Don’t be too eager to hop on the latest bandwagon in terms of loud pattern or prints, since it’ll make you look dated once the trend passes.

Think more classic, Burberry-inspired trench-style looks with belted/tied waists, and generally tailored silhouettes – this is one time to err on the side of conservative. Think black, khaki, olive, tan or brown. These are shades that you can wear with virtually anything. Easy neutrals notwithstanding, don’t be afraid to go for a color, like red, blue or even a shade of purple.

Also, useful and popular elements like hoods, metallic buttons, exposed zippers are nice touches that add a little bit of current flair to your look. Lengthwise, there are a wide variety of options – the shorter hip-length variety, knee length or even the long mid-calf style.

Clearly, any material you chose should be water-resistant, since function is of the essenc. Nylons, wools, treated fabrics, including cotton blends, and yes, even high-quality polyesters are good choices.


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