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Look Awake, Even When You’re Not

Tips to have you bright-eyed in a wink...

By Liz Mitchell
Posted May 3, 2012

SmilingIt’s happened to the best of us: stayed up too late, celebrated a little too hard, or maybe just pulled one too many 12-hour days at the office, and now your eyes look tired and puffy, but you need to look alive for your breakfast meeting. Well, we consulted our experts and snagged their best tips and tricks to have you wide eyed in no time.

1. Splash Cold Water On Your Face

“Splash your face with cold water to constrict the blood vessels, or place bags of frozen veggies on your face for 5-10 minutes,” suggests celebrity makeup artist, and the founder of Skinn Cosmetics, Dimitri James. The cold will invigorate your face and reduce puffiness.

2. Use A Clarifying Pencil

To counteract redness, and make your eyes look bigger, use a clarifying pencil (one that matches your skin tone) on the rim of your lower lash line, says makeup artist Liz Washer.  “Lining your eyes with heavy, dark eyeliner when you’re feeling tired will only make them appear smaller.”

3. Place Tea Bags Over Your Eyes

“For red puffy eyes, get two black tea bags and stew in hot water,” recommends Jodi Shays of Queen Bee Salon & Spa. “After they’re cool and have been wrung out, place on top of closed lids. The tannins and caffeine do an amazing job of constricting blood vessels, and will also encourage excess fluids to flush out of your skin.” Chamomile works too, she adds, but only for inflammation.

4. Brighten The Inner Corners Of Your Eyes

Use a soft peach or champagne eyeshadow to brighten the inner corners of your eyes, says Washer.  “A little touch of shimmer here will really open them up, and make them look larger.”

If all else fails, make like the celebs and throw on the biggest, coolest sunglasses you can find, says James.



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