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Home Décor: Design Your Future

Find out how choosing the right art can create bold strokes in your life...

By Jen Jones Donatelli
Posted April 10, 2012

Wall DecorRemember all those resolutions you made for 2012? It’s not too late to bring them to fruition, and according to feng shui expert Donna Stellhorn, it all starts with art.

“When you choose art and see it all the time, it’s what psychologists call ‘priming,’” she explains. “Subliminal messages go into your subconscious and it affects your choices.” Find out how to choose art that aligns with your intentions based on the five elements of feng shui:

If you’re trying to be more social, find art that fits under the Water element. “To connect with new people, select art depicting water and place it so it looks like the water is flowing into the house,” suggests Stellhorn. Fountains, fish tanks, glass sculptures, and cubism or surreal art also fit the social butterfly bill.

For those craving more energy, go with Fire element-friendly animal prints or art depicting powerful animals. Bright colors can also put some pep in your step, as can contemporary art or pop art, says Stellhorn. Triangular sculptures can also manifest more energy “since they resemble a flame.”

Need more organization or professional direction? Decorate your home with art falling under the Metal element. “Choose art that is very shiny and smooth-looking,” advises Stellhorn, suggesting brass or shiny silver pieces.

If personal growth is on your to-do list, Wood-centric art is the way to go. Art pieces that portray landscapes, trees, or living plants fall under this category, as does post-impressionism art.

And if more stability is needed, gravitate toward Earthen materials like terra cotta and pottery. Art hung in thick, heavy frames also works well with the Earth element, as does primitive art or art depicting indigenous people.

Stellhorn recognizes that making over your space can be intimidating and suggests treating your new art like an experiment. “If something has been up for a long time and you’re not happy with how your life is going, just change it out for a while,” she says. “It will change the energy of the whole room.”


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