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Get Into Shape With A Home Gym

Expert advice on designing your own home gym...

By Jen Jones Donatelli
Posted May 9, 2012

Gym WorkoutTired of your early morning gym commute? Motivation is just around the corner—literally. Setting up a home gym is not only convenient, but will keep you more financially fit in the long run. So, where to start building your get-fit kingdom? Begin by fine-tuning your fitness focus, says Andre Farnell of Better Body Expert Fitness Solutions.

“Determine what will be your main mode of exercise and identify the actions you’ll need to take to get in your desired shape,” says Farnell. “It makes no sense to purchase a treadmill and build a gym around cardio training if you hate running, or your emphasis is on gaining muscle and losing body fat.”

Another key factor is the size and layout of your allotted space. For smaller rooms, Farnell suggests investing in an all-in-one dumbbell set and an adjustable bench that lends itself to a wide array of exercises. Larger spaces can accommodate machines like ellipticals, treadmills, or rowing stations; just be sure to check the warranty or service plan, advises Farnell: “There is nothing worse than having something malfunction or break down, and you have no recourse.”

Lastly, stock your gym with must-haves like a durable floor mat, medicine balls, jump rope, heavy-duty elastic bands, foam rollers, and weight vests. Says Farnell, “These are tools that round out any home gym—it’s important to purchase good accessories that matter, and are time-tested.”


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