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Latest in Spotlight

By Tricia Romano
This week at the movies: Owen Wilson is an action hero? (Yes, really.) And Zach Efron is a hot EDM DJ (more believable). Pick your poison. Read More »
No outfit is complete without the perfect accessory. In fact, accessories can revamp clothes already in your closet and give them new life. Watch as blogger and fashion expert Louise Roe shows us 5 of her favorites for this season… Read More »
By Kitt Crescenzo
It’s not just the ladies who like to step up their style game during the summer wedding season, but it can be harder for dudes to move out of their go-to suit comfort zone. Different weddings call for different dress codes and offer several ways to explore your personal style… Read More »
Overalls are the new black – or at least the new neutral canvas, where, depending on how you style them, you can create looks that range from casual to sophisticated. Watch how Chriselle Lim styles 5 very different outfits using the same denim overalls as a starting point… Read More »
By Tricia Romano
Summer is almost over and for college-bound gals, this means setting up your dorm room. For some, this may be your first time away from home, and you’ll be sharing a room with a roommate (perhaps another first). Dorm living means downsizing and minimizing — but it can still be stylish… Read More »
It’s a few weeks before Labor Day weekend, which means the studios are holding out on the good stuff until then. This week, you’ve got three stinkers opening. But we’ll let you make the call… Read More »
If you’re looking to give your living room a brand new look, you don’t have to change out the furniture, it’s just about how you style it. Whether you like monochrome, global, glam, masculine or traditional design, interior designer Brian Patrick Flynn switches out the accessories on a sofa to give it five distinctively stylish looks… Read More »
By Samantha Gurrie
If you think that only teen girls covet new back-to-school clothes, think again. Fashion is right up there alongside sports, girls, and video games. Refresh your son’s wardrobe with these new trends… Read More »
Ever look at your closet full of clothes and still feel you have nothing to wear? We’ve got you covered. If you have just 10 essential pieces, you’ll always be ready to go. Watch as Wendy’s Lookbook illustrates her top 10… Read More »
By Rebecca Cringean
New shoes, especially for back-to-school, are all about possibilities, and this fall, the possibilities are endless. Whether your girl is sporty, casual, or a fashionista in the making, we’ve gathered this year’s best shoes for middle school and high school girls. These shoes will not only look cool, they’ll last, too… Read More »


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