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Latest in Spotlight

By Kitt Crescenzo
After several stagnant seasons, there are some major shakeups on the denim front; trends beyond the latest wash of skinnies. The next generation of jeans is here… Read More »
Sometimes the perfect lip color is a combination of more than one color. It’s helpful to experiment to get the effect you’re aiming for. In today’s beauty video, makeup artist Hannah Murray demonstrates how to mix the perfect lilac pink pigment for spring… Read More »
By Tricia Romano
Spring is a great time to spruce up your cookware collection. From cast iron pans to stainless steel pot sets, there are lots of choices when upgrading your kitchen with top-notch cookware... Read More »
By Tricia Romano
This week at the movies: Shailene Woodley tries to save the world; Sean Penn attempts the action hero thing; and Cybill Shepherd returns to the big screen for a Christian family film… Read More »
Do you want to get some additional use out of those dressy dresses hanging in your closet? Following these tips from Sydne Summer, you can layer sweaters, shirts and belts to give your fancy dresses new life… Read More »
By Kitt Crescenzo
Scent is the sense most strongly tied to memory and mood. Certain smells evoke feelings of calm, past loves, or even that Spring Break week you promised never to mention again. With warmer days ahead, it’s time to indulge in a fresh round of warm weather scents, whether you’re simply looking for a mood lifter or aiming to make an impression… Read More »
If you’ve got a busy lifestyle that takes you straight from work to dinner engagements, like our fashion expert, Chriselle Lim, you can make a few changes to your work outfit to transform it into an evening-ready look. All it takes is a little planning and some great accessories… Read More »
By Samantha Gurrie
Spring 2015 Fashion Week was awash with cool hues, from strawberry ice to glacier grey. But it was the shades of blue that really stole the shows. Aquamarines, scuba blues, and classic blues all paraded down the runway and established everyone’s favorite color as one of the season’s biggest trends… Read More »
By Tricia Romano
This week at the movies: a fairytale, an action flick, and a horror story… Read More »
The dry, recirculated air combined with long hours in tight quarters can make it hard to maintain a fresh look at the end of a plane ride. Though high in the air, you can keep your beauty routine grounded. Tracy O’Connor from eHow’s Beauty Lab demonstrates how to easily solve common travel problems with your hair, makeup and skin… Read More »


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