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Latest in Spotlight

By Tricia Romano
The line between everyday attire and work out wear is growing thin (as will you if you actually work out in them). Regardless of what you do while you wear them, yoga pants, leggings, sneakers and hoodies aren’t just for the gym anymore… Read More »
By Tricia Romano
This is a week for the stinkers! It’s a dumpster of all the worst movies the studios have made all year, because they are biding time while they wait for the Oscars. In the meantime, you get the stuff that should have gone straight to video! Lucky you!... Read More »
Thanks to the menswear trend, trousers are popular again. And they come in an assortment of cuts so you can find the best one for your body type. You can also style them in a variety of ways so they can be worn for work and play. Watch as Sydne Summer from Sydne Style tells us about the trouser trend... Read More »
By Katharine Scrivener
Jewelry is the perfect way to make an otherwise drab outfit fabulous. And this year’s biggest trend is baubles that pack a punch. While it might seem intimidating at first, we have plenty of tips to make statement jewelry work for you. And the best part? All it takes is one piece to take your ensemble to the next level… Read More »
Chriselle Lim is no stranger to travel or the need to stay chic while doing so. So who better to show us how to pack for an extended trip without carrying your whole wardrobe with you? We hope this tutorial inspires you to be creative with the limited pieces you have while traveling… Read More »
By Tricia Romano
Unlike summer, winter is a good time to be a fashionable man. You can wear layers, or don your finest suits and dapper looking scarves and hats and pretend you’re Don Draper. And you can experiment with different shoe styles. Men’s winter footwear runs the gamut—from sporty to practical to stylish… Read More »
By Tricia Romano
This week at the movies, there’s something for everyone: Hackers! Snipers! Adorable talking bears! Kevin Hart being funny! Read More »
Want to create brows that would make Cara Delevingne proud? We all do. Here are some tips from the experts at Allure Beauty Basics to show you how to get your brows looking fuller than ever before… Read More »
By Samantha Gurrie
"Ladies Night" conjures images of LBDs, Cosmos, and velvet ropes. But sometimes sharing a bottle of wine and a home-cooked meal with the girls sounds so much better. Staying in doesn't mean sacrificing style, so put as much effort into setting the mood as you do setting the table. Here's how... Read More »
Leggings and skinny jeans are a comfortable and casual way to dress, but once you reach your 40s, you want to make sure you are wearing them in a tasteful way? Follow these simple guidelines by Deborah Boland and you can wear skinnies and leggings and still be fabulous after 40… Read More »


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